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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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David Carren

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Dr. Philip Zwerling

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Dr. Robert Johnson


Growing up I always loved to watch movies. I was fascinated with the way the actors and actresses on the screen could spread joy, laughter, sadness, and anger, even making you fall in love by something they said or did. It has been my dream to have the same effect on people through the power of cinema as well. I am going to talk about multiple movies that I feel played a huge part in pushing the comedic movie culture forward. I want to break down and discuss three factors in these movies that I feel are vital when one is trying to capture that same lasting effect on someone by analyzing these films and discussing how they relate to my movie “Please Hold” in a positive or negative way. The three things I want to discuss are the writing, acting, and directing, in no particular order in these films as well as go into great detail how my movie “Please Hold” will lay another brick in the illustrious foundation of comedic movies.


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