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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Business Administration

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Dr. Michael S. Minor

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Dr. Richard P. Bagozzi

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Dr. Xiaojing Sheng


Consumption philanthropy is the concurrent consumption of self-interested products while contributing to a charitable cause. Although this overarching notion has been widely investigated in the context of cause-related marketing, there has been little work done in marketing or other disciplines in its alternative context of donor giving behavior. Thus, the current research conceptually develops and empirically investigates a model of consumption philanthropy donation intentions (CPDI) where a potentially valued gift is offered in return for a monetary donation by an individual consumer. The conceptual model integrates three fundamental frameworks from marketing and psychology, as well as incorporates a multi-disciplinary body of prior research in investigating the theoretical relationships between the determinants of CPDI. The measurement models and hypothesized relationships are assessed empirically using survey data and partial least squares structural equation modeling. The focal construct of interest, CPDI, is further evaluated using electroencephalography (EEG) and its accompanying methodology of hemispheric asymmetry. The conclusions and implications of empirical testing are discussed, and areas for future research are suggested.


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