Theses and Dissertations

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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Disaster Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Owen Temby

Second Advisor

Dr. Dawid Wladyka

Third Advisor

Dr. Dongkyu Kim


Hurricanes and flooding events yield complex social and environmental consequences to coastal communities. Disaster preparedness and recovery is a multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional effort that requires coordination and planning across many actors.

Existing research recognizes the link between social capital and a community’s ability to respond to and ‘bounce back’ to normalcy after such hazardous events. However, few studies have examined the institutional dimension of social capital among communities noted for high levels of poverty situated in disaster-prone areas along the U.S. Mexico border. We aim to fill this gap by using survey data collected from emergency management practitioners in the Rio Grande Valley by identifying the leadership roles in the network. This exploratory research examines the influence of social capital at the bureaucratic level in creating a hurricane disaster resilient system.


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