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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Frederick Ernst

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Dr. Rosalva Resendiz

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Dr. Lucas Espinoza


The purpose of this study is to explore if playing roller derby can yield one more resilient to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). IPV is a major wellness concern to our present lives. However, there are many who experience violence, yet do not develop debilitating symptoms. The subject of resilience has emerged to account for this. Resilience can be interpreted as “bouncing back” from adversity, and adapting well to sources of stress (American Psychological Association, n.d.). Sport psychologists have recognized sport as a site for the development of resilient qualities. For females, team sports offer a context to experience empowerment. The full contact sport of Roller Derby is performed on roller skates and is run by women. Being in a contact sport will teach women to be resilient and empowered, improve overall self-esteem and reduce abusive situations and some of its negative outcomes, such as learned helplessness, and negative self-image.


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