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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Caroline Miles

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Dr. Marisa Knox

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Dr. Cathryn Merla-Watson


Mexican-American males are shaped by their cultural values, history, religion, and family values. They are measured by the standard set forth in machismo and are expected to act accordingly. Machismo is a concept that is deeply rooted in Catholicism, the Aztec culture, the Mexican-American nuclear family, and it is handed down in the upbringing of men and women. In Arturo Islas’s novel, The Rain God, he creates a representation of the three different identities that men are subjugated to. He creates the machista within the patriarchal character of Miguel Grande, the ambiguous male in his son Miguel Chico, and the queer macho in Uncle Felix. Since these men are all measured by the conventions created within machismo, they fail to show society who they truly are. Islas’s writings elucidates the stigma of machismo and how it allows homophobia to exist in an unbreakable continuum.


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