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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)



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Dr. Irving W. Levinson

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Dr. Gregory Gilson

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Dr. Thomas Pearson


The central question addressed in my thesis is the claim that the even though the conquest of the Americas by the Spaniards was a brutal and murderous process, the Spanish imperial project in the Americas, based on Aristotelian ideology, resulted in the most beneficial and least harmful form of conquest conceivable in comparison to the next great empire of the age, the British Empire.

The founding pillars of Spain’s overseas empire in the Americas, based on an Aristotelian framework, produced a synthesis of political thinking that brought about greater benefits to the native populations, and slave populations, subsumed under the Spanish banner of imperialism compared to the British counterpart a century thereafter. The Spanish Empire model was the epitome of overseas imperial building during the Age of Exploration.


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