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Master of Education (MEd)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Angela Chapman

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Dr. Sandra Musanti

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Dr. Alcione Ostorga


This study examined oppressive factors Mexican immigrant students, or children of Mexican immigrants, face throughout their lives in RGV. These factors, which are termed “blindfolds” throughout this paper, can have a great impact on these students’ identity. The purpose of this study was to expose students to the blindfolds give them an opportunity to remove them and move past the oppressive measures that may have shaped how they are.

Knowing the implications of these stereotypes can explain why students may choose to be certain ways or do certain things. We can use this information to our advantage as educators of these students to ensure that the marginalization these immigrant students face is destroyed. Agentic action must be taken so that students can achieve high academic performance pursue their dreams regardless of these oppressive factors like immigration status, race, or language. With doing do, these students can have higher academic performance.


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