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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. William Donner

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Dr. Salvatore Restifo

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Dr. Rachel Schmitz


Despite recent change of perspectives and an increase of acceptance of gender nonconformity, the concept of gender still remains a controversial topic. Gender continues to be a developing idea and maintains an influential role in many cultural contexts. Examining facets of gender in various settings can perhaps enlighten our comprehension of such and a further understanding of those who express gender nontraditionally. This study examines the concept of gender in a less traditional stance, exploring views of non-conforming gender expression among generations of Mexican Americans and individuals of Mexican origin. Through analysis of survey data on views of gender nonconformity taken by a university student and faculty population identifying as Mexican American or of Mexican origin, I bring light to the influence that generation of the individual and their hold on traditional views have on the concept of gender in a non-binary framework. I find that there is a significance in the individual’s generational status and their views on non-conforming gender expression among a Mexican Americans and individuals of Mexican decent, showing the higher the generational status the less traditional views held of gender.


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