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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Jean Braithwaite

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Dr. Jose Rodriguez

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Dr. Shawn Thomson


My War and What Came After is a memoir that explores my personal experience with modern military life. It is my primary purpose to connect the military world with the world of writing. I am the guy that was willing to put everything on the line, including my life to become an English professor. The memoir is a detailed account of my adult life but also a coming of age experience and a successful ambitious plan to achieve my educational ambitions. It was an extreme and maybe even a crazy decision but calculated enough that it worked. It could have undoubtedly gone a lot smoother but I regret nothing. My memoir includes the reasons that motivated my decision to enlist, my Mexican American family reception towards the decision, quickly maturing into a professional soldier, my online dating, my masculinity (machismo and military masculinity), and my trauma.


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