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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Jason Popan

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Dr. Angel Saavedra

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Dr. Amy Weimer


The present study examines two underlying attitude certainty dimensions in the context of political groups: attitude clarity and attitude correctness. Attitude clarity is the subjective sense that one knows what one’s attitude is, and attitude correctness is the subjective sense that one’s attitude is correct or valid. Based on predictions derived from social identity theory and attitude attribution research, it is expected that attitude clarity and attitude correctness will have diverging effects with political groups. First, it is expected that attitude clarity will better predict political identification than attitude correctness due to stronger ties to the self-concept. Secondly, it is expected that attitude correctness will be a better predictor of political out-group evaluation than attitude clarity, due to antagonistic tendencies predicted by correctness. Lastly, attitude correctness will also be a better predictor of attribution of rationality towards the out-group’s attitudes. This study will contribute to contemporary attitudinal research investigating the unique relationship of these attitude certainty dimensions.


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