Theses and Dissertations

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Joseph Rene Corbeil

Second Advisor

Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil

Third Advisor

Dr. James A. Telese


The Effect of Digital Storytelling on Academic Performance, Interest and Motivation of Police Cadets in a Law Enforcement Academy. Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), December 2018, 93pp., 6 tables, 83 references, 5 appendices. With increasing criticism concerning police interactions with the public and the use-of-force decisions, the importance of preservice law enforcement instruction is an ongoing concern for both police practitioners and the public. Law enforcement education can benefit from the integration of new instructional strategies that can increase comprehension and long-term knowledge retention transferable into the field. Digital storytelling has been proffered as an effective cross-cultural communication tool and has been noted as having the ability to infiltrate the diverse communication needs of the law enforcement profession. This study sought to determine if digital storytelling could influence academic performance in the cadet police training, and if its use could increase a police cadet's interest and motivation in the topic being taught at the regional law enforcement academy. In this mixed methods research study, two cohorts in a regional police academy were exposed to digital storytelling, and the results and effects were analyzed. This study discussed how the findings affected this diverse work environment and proposed opportunities for further research in law enforcement education and practice.


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