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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Amy Weimer

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Dr. Mark Winkel

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Dr. Frederick Ernst


The number of Hispanic students being enrolled in schools have doubled throughout the years. Especially in the Rio Grande Valley where the majority of the population are Mexican American. Previous studies have looked into the risk factors associated with academic failure, but they hardly look into factors that lead to a child’s school success. This study will investigate what contributes to a child’s academic success. The sample of the study was 115 students, grades 5th to 7th grade, all classified as Hispanic. The findings will state a) what variables were significantly correlated to each other b) what variables differed by gender and c) what were the predictors of academic achievement and giftedness. With this study teachers and parents will be able to identify those factors that are keeping their child from succeeding in school and how they can help that child academically succeed in years to come.


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