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Master of Science (MS)


Criminal Justice

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Dr. Yudu Li

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Dr. Lucas Espinoza

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Dr. Philip Ethridge


Police departments are being asked to diversify their ranks in a job field dominated by White males. Hispanics are predicted to be the majority-minority by 2043, few studies were conducted to explore whether Hispanic students majoring in criminal justice will pursue a career in law enforcement agencies upon graduation. Therefore, it is necessary and important to investigate the willingness of Hispanic students perusing a career in law enforcement agencies and what kind of factors behind this pursuit. This research anonymously surveyed 203 students currently enrolled in a four-year Hispanic university. Gender and the liberalizing effect served as the independent variables. The outcomes of binary logistic regression indicate that gender has a significant effect on the outcome variable while the liberation effect does not. This study hopes to add knowledge of Hispanic undergraduate criminal justice majors aiding law enforcement agencies and university to recruit Hispanics into their ranks better.


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