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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Laryssa Mykyta

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Dr. William Donner

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Dr. Salvatore Restifo


In this study, I will examine the relationship between family influences and college graduation among Hispanics. Compared to students in other race/ethnic groups, Latino students are underrepresented in college enrollment and completion of a bachelor’s degree. Prior research generally finds that higher parental educational attainment is positively associated with educational attainment for children. Highly educated parents may expect their children to attain a similar level of education, have the resources to support higher education and provide encouragement and assistance necessary for children to successfully pursue post-secondary education. Yet, at the lower end of the educational distribution, the relationship between parental education and children’s own attainment may not be as straightforward. My sampling frame consists of 20 in depth interviews in which I limit my sample to young Hispanic adults between the ages of 23 to 42 across the Rio Grande Valley.


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