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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Jose J. Gutierrez

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Dr. Evangelia Kotsikorou

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Dr. Jason Parsons


Discussed here are the syntheses of the phosphonate precursors for the Wittig-Horner synthesis of poly-phenylene vinylene (PPV) and distyrylbenzene (DSB) derivatives and their respective distyrylbenzene analogs containing amino moieties. The synthesis of the different compounds was achieved through bromination, Michaelis-Arbuzov reaction, reduction of the nitro group with a commercial cobalt sulfide catalyst and sodium borohydride. Preliminary evidence for the synthesis of amino substituted distyrylbenzene and of nitro/alkoxy substituted poly(p-phenylene vinylene) was obtained. Characterization of the products was performed by 1H-NMR. Preliminary results of the synthesis of a novel amino-substituted distyrylbenzene (DSB) are presented. The luminescence of the new DSB was quenched by addition of acid. The luminescence was restored by addition of a base. This was indirect proof that the amino-substituted DSB was synthesized successfully.


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