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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Karen Martirosyan

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Dr. Ahmed Touhami

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Dr. Myoung-Hwan Kim


The metal oxide based nano thermites have been studied extensively, yet another closely related systems based on metal hydroxides were surprisingly overlooked. For the first time, the thermodynamic calculations using HSC Chemistry-7 and Thermo software, were performed for a collection of 22 novel nano-thermite systems based on aluminum and metal hydroxides, and four representative systems based on bismuth, copper, cerium and nickel hydroxides were characterized using differential scanning calorimeter, scanning electron microscope, and pressure discharge dynamic evaluation. The strongest performance was recorded in Al-Bi(OH)3 system with about 4.9 MPa peak pressure for 0.2 g charge mass. Bismuth oxide and hydroxide particles resembling flowers, bowties and brushwood-like structures were successfully prepared via microfluidic synthesis approach. The formulation containing flower-shaped particles was superior to brushwood-like oxidizer, and produced the highest pressure discharge value of 14.3 MPa/g (4.9 kPa m3 g–1), which is comparable well to best reported values in literature.


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