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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Lyon Rathbun

Second Advisor

Dr. Alyssa Cavazos

Third Advisor

Dr. Yanrong Chang


Monological argumentation, based on Aristotelian principles, dominates composition pedagogy in the United States. With this model, students construct arguments in which they advocate for their own viewpoints. To make argumentation more dialogic, there exist various discourse models, including Daoist rhetoric, based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Daoism. Its tenets have the potential to generate dialogic discourse in composition due to Laozi’s, Zhuangzi’s, and Sunzi’s principles. The recent cultural turn in composition studies opens space for the exploration of dialogic pedagogy. Dialogic pedagogies based on Daoist philosophies, with other recent pedagogical innovations, have the potential to promote deep, interconnected dialogue between students in contemporary U.S. classrooms.


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