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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Alcione Ostorga

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Dr. Sandra Musanti

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Dr. Karin Lewis


There are differing views of what constitutes teacher learning in the field of education. The case studies presented herein provide a glimpse into the professional learning lives of two elementary school teachers of emergent bilingual students in order to gain a greater understanding of how professional learning links to instructional practices. Set in a suburban public school setting in the southwest, the study incorporated the use of narrative inquiry with data consisting of interviews, observations, reflections logs, and artifacts. Data were analyzed through the lenses of the adult learning theory of andragogy and critical constructivism. The findings of this study heavily support the andragogical framework and question the value of heavy compliance demands placed on teachers. The study also sheds light on the sociocultural reality of educating emergent bilingual students and the professionalization, or lack thereof, of their teachers. Participants in this study were found to not only value the concepts espoused by the theory of andragogy as adult learners, but to also learn personally by these concepts and scaffold and sustain their own professional learning for the benefit of their students. The study concludes with ways that educational leaders can create more opportunities for teachers to sustain themselves.


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