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Master of Science (MS)


Manufacturing Engineering

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Dr Jianzhi Li

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Dr. Andrew Tsin

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Dr. Ben Xu


This thesis introduces the applications of ultrafast lasers while focusing on their bioprinting capabilities. A custom system was designed to utilize a femtosecond laser for 2D and 3D applications. The characteristics of lasers allow them to be efficiently used in machining, 3D printing, research, and more. Their power and precision allow them to be used for delicate work such as bioprinting. Bioprinting is a field holding great potential to benefit society. Studies conducted over the years prove its usefulness in printing cells and biomaterials, while showing there is still much to improve upon before being able to print fully functioning organs.

The study found successful implementation of the laser system design. Etching and cutting experiments of different patterns on metals and non-metals were successful in the micrometer range. Bioprinting wise, the experiment was inconclusive with the parameters and visual analyses equipment used. No droplets were viewed, but lack of surveillance at the laser-bioink interface would be needed to verify the results. Future work is needed in surveilling the laser-bioink interface, adjusting the bioink with cells and collagen, creating a controlled environment, and lowering the pulse fluence.


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