Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Fitratullah Khan

Second Advisor

Dr. Mahmoud Quweider

Third Advisor

Dr. Hansheng Lei


The proposed system, Mobile Solar Energy Environmental Control System with Remote Accessibility (mSEECS w/ RA), is based on the utilization of an already available Energy Storage Unit (ESU) in a Transport Unit System (TUS) to harness solar energy to provide a system to enhance the environment, safety and security of a TUS in a stationary or a mobile state by monitoring and controlling the operation of its onboard systems, and provide remote accessibility to know the state of affairs at any time. To relate to a real world application, the battery (ESU) of a vehicle (TUS) is underutilized most of the time while being stationary in a parking lot. Adding a solar panel to the vehicle with a charge controller provides a charging mechanism for the already installed battery. This allows for the operation of onboard systems, such as air circulation and surveillance, which are normally shutdown to avoid draining the battery. However, this calls for a sophisticated control and monitoring system which needs to monitor the battery to avoid draining it beyond a certain percent depending on the type of battery, control onboard systems to keep them operational at a specified level, and at the same time send alerts and provide remote access to users. Using a Raspberry Pi (RPi), a small hardened computer system, with add-on sensors to gauge key environmental variables, data can be retrieved from customized inputs and thresholds to generate signals to trigger other subsystems.


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