Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Ocean, Coastal, and Earth Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Carlos E. Cintra-Buenrostro

Second Advisor

Dr. Richard Kline

Third Advisor

Dr. Daniel Provenzano


Age, growth, and reproductive status of gray triggerfish (Balistes capriscus) were identified from 2015-2016 on artificial reefs in the northwest Gulf of Mexico. Individuals ranged from 232-432 mm fork length with and a mean fork length of 319 mm. Individuals from age 0.2 to 5.2 yrs were observed with a weight to length relationship of Wg = 1.1 x -104 x FL2.7 (r2 = 0.94, n = 112), where FL = fork length (mm) and Wg = weight (g). A von Bertalanffy growth equation of Lt = 326(1 - e - 0.9 (t + 1.71)) was calculated irrespective of sex. Gonadosomatic index and histological characterization of reproductive tissue identified June-August as the peak spawning season. A female length to batch fecundity (BF) relationship of Log BF = 2.79 x Log (FL 0.81) (r2 = 0.28) was identified. Continued management of gray triggerfish on artificial reefs is necessary to increase the stock and eventually lead to robust and sustainable fisheries.


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