Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Rehabilitation Counseling

First Advisor

Dr. Bruce J. Reed

Second Advisor

Dr. Eva Miller

Third Advisor

Dr. Ming-Tsan Pierre Lu


As of 2010, certified rehabilitation counselors (CRC) have been provided ethical guidelines addressing end-of-life care (EOL) service delivery for persons with disabilities. Due to the plethora of pertinent knowledge and skills sets needed to facilitate comprehensive EOL issues, it is vital to examine rehabilitation counselors’ self-perceived competence in facilitating EOL care service delivery. The study was conducted as a non-experimental exploratory design. Based on the study’s sample (N = 188), descriptive statistics reported 70% of counselors lacked education while 69% had not participated in EOL training. Approximately 81% of the participants reported the need for EOL education and training. In addition, the study was able to identify age, level of spirituality and state of residence as contributing predictor variables for EOL care knowledge scores. As the need for EOL care service delivery is included in the U.S. health care system, it is imperative CRCs are educated and trained adequately in order to provide quality EOL care service delivery.


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