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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Yuanbing Mao

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Dr. Jose J. Gutierrez

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Dr. Waseem Haider


Double perovskites have attracted a great attention recently for its high intrinsic activity in oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems in alkaline media. In this study, we are the first to report the new approach of La2NiMnO6 double perovskite which was synthesized via Sol-gel molten-Salt synthesis method. However their stability and specific activity remain challenging that need to be addressed to meet the reqiurement for OER activities. Here in this study we synthesized three different samples with varying concentrations by taking molten salts NaNO 3 and KNO3 in (1:1) ratio such as 30:30, 60:60, 90:90. These samples were then charecterized for phase purity by x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopes and electrochemical performances. More importantly electrochemical performance were carefully studied. The stability studies were studied by using cyclic voltammogram for multiple cyclings and their tafel slopes determine the electrochemical reaction to the overpotential. Due to magnetic properties allow these compounds as excellent candidates for various applications such as sensors, photovoltaics, memory devices and radio frequency filters.


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