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Master of Arts (MA)


Experimental Psychology

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Dr. Mario Gil

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Dr. Jason Popan

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Dr. Yu-Cheng Lin


Research using animal models is done when human subjects cannot participate due to ethical concerns. The majority of translational research is done using rat models. However, other animals are good candidates for translational research, such as Monodelphis domestica. Presently, little is known about Monodelphis domesticas’ behavior and how the animal can be used in research settings. The aim of the study is to fill the gap in the research by conducting behavioral observations of M. domestica pups using a longitudinal approach starting with post-weaned age and ending at the age of sexual maturity and creating an behavioral ethogram. The results indicate that there was a shift in the type of social behavior displayed by the pups as they aged. By focusing on the critical time period between post-weaned age and sexual maturity, the research can lend itself to studies about neurodevelopmental disorders in childhood, such as Autism.


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