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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Jason Popan

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Dr. Stephen Merino

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Dr. Alfonso Mercado


Previous research has shown that entity beliefs can moderate or buffer the impact of class-based rejection sensitivity on expected and official grade point averages of low-income college students. This study attempted to replicate previous research, which found that class-based rejection sensitivity (RS-class) and entity beliefs had negative main effects on academic outcomes (grade point average), and that entity beliefs served as a moderator in the relationship between RS-class and academic outcomes. While the predicted relationships were not replicated, this study found that higher acculturation scores are related to greater levels of academic achievement as measured by GPA. This attempted replication study adds to the body of literature about entity beliefs and rejection sensitivity because low-income Hispanic/Latino students are often underrepresented in research despite being a rapidly growing population in the United States. The negative effects of class-based rejection sensitivity may have been context-specific and did not present a threat to the specific population sampled due to the fact that participants reside in a region with an overall lower socioeconomic status.


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