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Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS)



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Dr. Natalia V. Guevara

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Dr. Juan Guevara Jr.

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Dr. Ahmed Touhami


Through decades, fluorescence microscopy has relied on mercury vapor lamps as its main light source due to their high power, broad spectrum, and bright bands generated. The use of mercury vapor lamps has remained fundamentally associated with the required lighting equipment of research laboratories. However, as time progresses, mercury vapor lamps have been slowly replaced with technologies that offered longer lifetimes, less hazardous waste, and output light at similar intensities. LED technology has been actively used in biological research, but was limited by price, lower intensities, and stability. The recent development of LED technology has allowed for further understanding and implementation in the fluorescence microscopy area. We developed a system capable of fully replacing conventional mercury-based lamps with high-power LED technology suited to yield specific spectra, and sufficient power output to produce quality results. Moreover, this system provides a cost-effective, less hazardous alternative without the need for modifying conventional fluorescence microscopy systems


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