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This research examines South Texas media coverage of Mexican deportation and repatriation at its genesis in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) of Texas. Summer, 1928, the RGV became the epicenter for federally ordered mass deportation raids of Mexican agricultural workers. The U.S. Border Patrol first implemented its methods of mass deportation raids and intimidation on the South Texas Mexican national population prior to Los Angeles, Post-Depression. Primary source analysis of Spanish language newspaper, La Prensa, is utilized extensively through translation. Translation of La Prensa articles was conducted by Mrs. Abby Lopez-Turan. Mrs. Lopez-Turan has a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Texas Pan American and currently writes Spanish curriculum for the IDEA Public School District. San Antonio La Prensa, a periodical with conservative revolutionary origins, was none the less liberal in its ardent defense of Mexican braceros, community education, and was a lightning rod of civic pride. The Brownsville Herald, from Brownsville, Texas, was influenced by irrigation men, growers of cotton and citrus, and aligned business interests exhibited diverse reporting styles and topics. The McAllen Daily Press, from the Hidalgo County seat of McAllen, was a grower mouthpiece tied to citrus producers and reported with financial information of labor numbers, produce numbers, with little regard for humanitarian motivations.


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