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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang

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Dr. Elena Poletaeva

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Dr. Jacob A. White


This thesis surveys recent results on hypergroups as defined by Frédéric Marty in [3] and [4] and their relation to association schemes as presented in [5]. We show that every association scheme is a hypergroup. Then, we compile a few general results on hypergroups needed for our investigation of hypergroups with three, four and six elements. From [1] and [7], we give examples of hypergroups that do not come from finite schemes and from no scheme at all. Our main result occurs when considering hypergroups S with six elements that have a non-normal closed subset T of order 2 with three cosets. Since such class of hypergroups is too large to be completely described, we investigate a subclass S determined in [7]. We found that at least four hypergroups in this class come from finite schemes. For such purposes, we use the Hanaki-Miyamoto Classification of Small Association Schemes; cf. [8].


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