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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Dr. Penny Simpson

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Dr. Chiquan Guo

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Dr. Pramod Iyer


This research attempts to uncover the factors that influence protest behaviors, specifically, consumer activism intention and how the factors are different between industrialized and developing countries. This research draws from the Values-Norms, Beliefs (VBN) Theory and the Not-In-My-Backyard (NIMBY) framework to test protest intention between the United States and Mexico regarding the improper disposal of potentially harmful products across borders. Further, this research attempts to extend the VBN-Theory to include trust-in-government, attitude towards the firm, and subjective well-being.

The findings of this research indicate that the VBN Theory is confirmed not only in the United States, but also in Mexico and that the VBN Theory is a superior explanation of protest intention rather than the NIMBY framework. This research contributes to theory by providing evidence that trust-in-government leads to consumer activism intention in Mexico, but not in the United States. Additionally, Mexican respondents are more likely to experience subjective well-being when engaging in consumer activism behavior while US respondents do not.


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