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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil

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Dr. Rene Corbeil

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Dr. James Telese


This study was designed to investigate how mathematics student perceptions of teaching presence differ by course delivery mode and student achievement. Online learning has had a steady growth in higher education, and mathematics courses are also offered in fully online and hybrid modes, but the research on online mathematics learning and academic achievement is limited. In order to contribute to the body of research in this field, the focus of this study was on teaching presence and academic achievement in two delivery modes: fully online asynchronous, and hybrid.

The Community of Inquiry was the theoretical framework of this study, where the three elements, namely: social presence, cognitive presence, and teaching presence, are interrelated and learning is at the intersection of these main elements (Garrison et al., 2000). This study takes place at a four-year university in South Texas. Participants are students enrolled in fully online or hybrid sections of College Algebra, Math for Liberal Arts, or Elementary Statistics. The Teaching Presence Scale (Shea et al., 2006) is used to collect student perceptions of teaching presence . The results show that mathematics students in hybrid courses perceive their instructors’ teaching presence higher than fully online asynchronous mathematics students, and that there is a statistically significant positive relationship between student perceptions of teaching presence and academic achievement in both course delivery modes. The relationship between student perceptions of each subscale of teaching presence (instructional design and organization, facilitation, and direct instruction) and academic achievement shows that facilitation is the best predictor of academic achievement in fully online asynchronous mathematics courses and instructional design and organization is the best predictor in hybrid mathematics courses.

Based on the results of this study, implications and recommendations to improve teaching presence in undergraduate fully online and hybrid mathematics courses are discussed and ideas for future studies in the related field are shared.


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