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Master of Science (MS)


Criminal Justice

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Dr. Lucas Espinoza

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Dr. Rosalva Resendiz

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Dr. Thomas White


The purpose of this thesis is to explore police lineups as portrayed in crime-related TV shows in the U.S.A, such as Law & Order: SUV. The data used is from 25 episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The methodology used for this study is grounded theory and content analysis. results of the study by themes which are: DNA evidence, police lineups, and lineups used in court. From these themes codes were further highlighted and noted. Based on the episodes for the show and real-life lineup procedure practices, there were inconsistencies about clothing, physical characteristics of suspects, incorrect lineup procedures for simultaneous, sequential, and photo ID, misidentification of the perpetrators, admissible DNA, female suspects, cross-race identifications and lineup procedures in court.


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