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Master of Education (MEd)



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Dr. Elena Venegas

Second Advisor

Dr. Janine Schall

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Dr. Isela Almaguer


The purpose of this qualitative multiple case study was to explore the impact of a pull-out multisensory reading intervention on the attitudes towards reading and writing of fourth-grade students identified with dyslexia. Students identified with dyslexia must receive an evidence-based reading intervention as required by Texas educational state law. The multisensory reading intervention utilized in this study and known as Structured Literacy, included explicit instruction in phonological awareness, sound-symbol association, syllabication, orthography, morphology, and reading comprehension. The researcher focused on a variety of data sources including field notes, audio-recorded interviews, reading interest survey responses, and spelling assessments. The data collected was analyzed holistically for an in-depth exploration leading to a rich interpretation of emerging themes. Four themes emerged from this study and are as follows: (a) participant self-awareness of reading and writing improvement; (b) increased classroom participation; (c) positive literacy attitude; and (d) an awareness and confidence of ability to learn with dyslexia. Findings from this study have the potential to inform educational decisions for teachers, administrators, and policymakers concerned about improving literacy achievement in students identified with dyslexia and related language disabilities in the elementary grades.


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