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Master of Science (MS)


Manufacturing Engineering

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Dr. Jianzhi Li

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Dr. Ben Xu

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Dr. Andrew Tsin


The bioprinting, as a new branch of additive manufacturing, already shown its potential in organ transplantation, medicine develop and personalized medicine. There are three types of bioprinting: droplet based bioprinting, extrusion based bioprinting and laser assisted bioprinting (LAB). Compared with other types of bioprinting, the LAB is the only bioprinting method that does not have a nozzle, which gives it the ability to print high viscosity bioink. The LAB also enjoys higher resolution and cell viability than other methods.

The bubble/jet formation process is the most important process for the LAB, which deposits the bioink to the substrate. To utilize laser energy, the energy absorbing layer (EAL) is essential to the printing process. This study explored graphene as a new material for the EAL and tested its energy absorbing performance under a controlled environment. This thesis also proved that the higher laser pulse deposits a higher volume of bioink.


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