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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Jason Parsons

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Dr. Arnulfo Mar

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Dr. Hassan Ahmad


ICP-OES was used to investigate the uptake of arsenic (V) and arsenic (III) from aqueous solution using tomato seedlings. The effect of arsenic on essential nutrient uptake by tomato was analyzed. The experiment was performed at three levels of arsenic: 1ppm, 2 ppm and 5 ppm [added as sodium arsenate (Na3AsO4) and arsenic trioxide (As2O3)], in nutrient solution. Plants remained in solution for two weeks. Arsenic accumulation depended on arsenic concentration in solution, when exposed to higher arsenic concentrations the plant uptake increased. The highest arsenic accumulation was found in roots, followed by stems and leaves in that order. Essential nutrient uptake decreased from control values when plants were exposed to low arsenic levels (1ppm) and increased at high arsenic concentrations (2 ppm and 5 ppm). The arsenite level of 5 ppm damaged roots membranes decreasing arsenic and essential nutrient uptake.


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