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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Michael Persans

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Dr. Andrew McDonald

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Dr. Hudson DeYoe


Petroleum-based crude oil is nonrenewable and toxic to the environment, leading to a need for a more efficient and environmentally effective replacement. Microalgae produce lipids which can be converted to recyclable biofuels; therefore, research in lipid production by algae is becoming important for an economic and environmental sustainability. Microalgae can re-absorb atmospheric CO2 and have rapid growth, thereby lowering greenhouse gasses (GHGs) emission, renewability, and simple growth requirements.

Nannochloris sp. is a marine microalga that is amenable for lipid production because there is little research on it so this study will focus on using flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy and other tools to assess whether it is suitable for large scale biofuel production.


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