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Master of Science (MS)


Criminal Justice

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Dr. Joseph Appiahene-Gyamfi

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Dr. Philip Ethridge

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Mr. Robert Martinez


The study utilized existing theories, including the pattern theory/environmental criminology, and the routine activities and lifestyles theories and also existing technology to examine the spatial and temporal patterning and variations in residential burglary, the processes that produce this type of burglary, and its incidence rates among the twelve law enforcement zones (PPZ’s) in the South Texas border city of Brownsville from 2006 to 2014. The data and information for the thesis were the raw Brownsville Police Department (BPD) data on residential burglary incidents that showed the addresses where, and the times, days, months and years when the incidents occurred. The study concluded that residential burglary is spatially patterned in the city of Brownsville. Certain police zones record higher burglary cases than other. PPZ 10 attracted and generated the highest cases of residential burglary. Crime prevention strategies and interventions have been suggested.


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