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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Colin Charlton

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Dr. Beatrice Mendez Newman

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Dr. Mark Noe


This study will examine the ways in which Battle Royale (BR) video games impact the writing process of first-year writing students at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley by comparing the students that play video games recreationally to the non-gaming group. The study will focus on how the recreational use of video games impacts writing by exploring the ways that gamers engage in these video games. By comparing BR gamers to non-gaming students, these differences will be highlighted through the evaluation of surveys and information gathered through research.

Some of the areas of the writing process that stand out are cooperative writing or teamwork, planning/ brainstorming, problem solving, and critical thinking. Since teamwork, strategizing, and analyzing situations in BR games is essential for success, these are the areas that will likely show within the student’s writing process. This study uncovers the intersections between BR games and the writing process.


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