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Master of Music (MM)


Music Performance

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Dr. George Amorim

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Dr. Katrina Roush

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Dr. Kristina Weimer


This paper adds the valuable perspective of a student to the research of J.S. Bach’s Suites for solo violoncello BWV 1107-1012 performed on the double bass. This study stands on two main premises: the individual study and performance of J.S. Bach suites for solo cello on the double bass and postulates that there are invaluable positive effects to be achieved through the extended exposure, studying, and performing of the aforementioned works as means to promote high-level critical thinking and better understanding of the phrasal, motivic and thematic structure of musical works of the Baroque period. This paper covers the journey of a student starting their process of preparing a suite for performance as a researcher, collecting and surveying data to be applied in a regular practice routine. This paper engages on how an active research of the physical and psychological aspects of playing and performing with the double bass may induce students to be more self-reliant and confident, be more attuned of expressing musical gestures. This research maps out the process of both learning expectations and outcomes.


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