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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Mohammed Jasim Uddin

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Dr. Karen Lozano

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Dr. Tülay Ateşin


Pyrochlore has been the focal point of research in materials science community in the area of nuclear waste host, thermal barrier coatings, solid oxide fuel cell, catalyst, magnetism, luminescence etc. Such application arises due to their unique properties such as wide band gap, high radiation stability, low thermal conductivity, high dialectic constant. The fact it also has high structural ability, low phono energy and ability to accommodate dopant ion at both A- site and B-site; they are considered excellent host for inorganic phosphors. Here research work is directed towards synthesizing optical materials having high quantum efficiency for down-conversion (DC) and up-conversion (UC).

Molten salt synthesis because of its several benefits such as low temperature synthesis, friendly environmental process, and low cost are expected to produce high quality cost effective, pyrochlore nanoparticles with A2B2O7 which is expected to show high quantum yield due to unique f-f transition of lanthanide ion and host to lanthanide energy transfer.We believe by suitable tuning of dopant ion its concentration, annealing time, annealing temperature, we will be able to produce small size luminescent nanoparticles of A2B2O7 for upconversion and downconversion suitable by bio imaging and solid state lighting.


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