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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Emmy Pérez

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Dr. Marci McMahon

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Dr. Cathryn Merla-Watson


This collection of poem-songs is an experiment in combining poetry and theatre. Focused on the theme of revolution and inspired by current issues of social justice, the manuscript is set in a not-so-distant future. After an environmental apocalypse, a refugee raised under an oppressive state, La Madre Valiente studies secretly to become the leader of a feminist revolution. Her emissaries roam the land telling her story, educating others, and enlisting allies in revolution. My goal is to transform the text into live theatrical performances so that the manuscript serves both as a poetry collection and as a script. Some critics have expressed a disdain for performance poetry arguing that it relies on theatrics, and have argued that overtly political poetry is too didactic and not subtle enough for some tastes. This manuscript is decidedly political and deliberately theatrical in order to build a case for the need for performance poetry. Images and links to online video from works-in-progress performances of the manuscript are also included in the documentation of the text as a three-dimensional art form.


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