Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

First Advisor

Dr. John M. Thomas III

Second Advisor

Dr. Robert Dearth

Third Advisor

Dr. John VandeBerg


This study will identify Brazilian ZIKV infection in the offsprings of mated, inoculated Monodelphis domestica females. Unlike non-human primates (NHP) and transgenic mice, M. domestica provides an opportunity to study ZIKV infection in a novel animal model possibly useful for in-utero studies. M. domestica has also been used in cancer and dietary research with varying degrees of success. ZIKV infection will be identified using antibody staining and in situ hybridization. The expected result of this study is that ZIKV will be identified in various tissues and reveal that ZIKV is transmitted vertically in this animal model. The significance of this study is by identifying ZIKV infection and confirming vertical transmission in M. domestica, this will lay a foundation for future in-utero studies with this animal model.


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