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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Jennifer Lemanski

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Dr. Cory Cunningham

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Dr. Youngjoon Lim


The sophomore year of college can be challenging for many students specifically Latina/o students. New initiatives are being created to increase Latina/o enrollment, retention, and completion of higher education with research indicating Latinas/os are successful academically when they had a mentor or perceived someone on campus cared about them. Mentoring programs use various tools to communicate, but computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools have not been examined in Latina/o peer mentoring relationships.

The current research study examined secondary data to see if Latina/o sophomore college students in a peer mentoring program were academically successful when using CMC to communicate with their mentor. Results were mixed; more students used CMC than face-to-face when communicating with their mentor and those who used CMC had a higher chance of being retained, but GPA was not correlated to CMC use. Additional analysis revealed mentoring to have a significant impact on GPA when compared to non-mentored students.


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