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Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering

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Dr. Phillip Park

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Dr. Thang Pham

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Dr. Yooseob Song


Hot mix asphalt (HMA) has proven to be successful in providing a proper paving surface for transportation services throughout the world. Asphalt pavement could be altered as the gradation of the mixture is adjusted. For instance, mixtures could vary from Dense Graded (DG) that contain a fairly even percentage of all aggregate size allowing for a more compact fit to Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) where the coarse aggregate compromise the main skeleton while fine aggregate fills the voids. This study investigates the effects of fibers and skeletal structures on mechanical properties of HMA. Two types of fiber additives are tested on both DG and SMA mixtures. The specimens were fabricated based on SuperPave design method and the same amount of compaction efforts were given to both control and fiber reinforced specimens. A set of indirect tension tests were conducted at room temperature to examine the cracking resistance of fiber reinforced HMA. The results showed that the addition of fibers improves the fracture energy, post-cracking energy, and toughness of HMA. The fiber reinforced SMA had a greater improvement than DG. On the other hand, decreases in indirect tensile strength were observed in fiber reinforced HMA. The results presented in this study show that 1) adding fibers has potential to improve cracking resistance of HMA and 2) special cares in compaction and determination of optimum binder content will be needed to achieve proper air-void contents.


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