Theses and Dissertations

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Master of Education (MEd)


Counseling and Guidance

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Dr. Lionel Cavazos

Second Advisor

Dr. James Ikonomopoulos

Third Advisor

Dr. Ming-Tsan Pierre Lu


The present study explored the power of one tele-counseling session to elicit change within post wellness ratings scores and the relationship between clients’ perceptions of relationship, goals and topics, approach and method, and overall session with clients’ wellness ratings. Results indicated that the mean for post-session wellness was significantly greater than pre-test wellness ratings. The standardized effect size, d, was .43, indicative of a moderate effect size. No difference was found between client’s perceptions of predictor variables with post-wellness rating scores. This study adds support for the use of tele-counseling services as one session might have the power to elicit change. Limitations, future research, and implications for research, education, and policy are discussed further.


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