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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Christopher Carmona

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Dr. Jose Rodriguez

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Dr. Robert Johnson


I have always had a profound interest in the past; how that past affects the present, and ultimately, anticipating how the present will affect the future. Circumstances change, but the lessons we’ve learned will, inevitably, determine how we handle impending events. Using fiction as a platform, my intent is to reveal, through each chapter, how one’s past dictates future decisions.

I have been working with a vaquero, my wife’s grandfather, who was raised on different South Texas ranches. Taking odd jobs from stall boy to ranch hand, and horse trainer, his unique experiences will illustrate period-based scenarios that emphasize his judgments from the Great Depression era through to present day. I feel that, because history repeats itself, younger generations can learn to understand how Papa Sam, my protagonist, uses his past to make present day choices in, From Saddle to Cattle: A Series of Cowboy Conversations.


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