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Master of Music (MM)


Music Performance

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Dr. Susan Hurley-Glowa

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Dr. Diana Seitz

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Dr. Dahlia Guerra


The number of mariachi programs at the high school level continues to grow in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. However, degree-granting mariachi programs are virtually nonexistent at the university level. The established university music education system and its implementation of classical techniques and styles encourages mariachi violinists to adapt to classical violin teachings. Because mariachi violinists may lack what is considered “formal” training prior to attending a university, they may experience a disadvantage in relationship to classically trained violinists. In this research, I will investigate the perceived attitudes that exist towards mariachi violinists, and the conditions under which they learn, to better understand the current state of educational equity in the music education system. I argue that the established music education system has encouraged the development of Eurocentric views of violin technique and styles, thereby undermining the success of mariachi and other folk music instruction in collegiate level institutions.


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