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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Tamer Oraby

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Dr. Santanu Chakraborty

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Dr. Xiaohui Wang


People are physically and socially connected with each other. Those connections between people represent two, probably overlapping, networks: biological networks, through which physical contacts occur, or social network, through which information diffuse. In my thesis research, I am trying to answer that question in the context of pediatric disease spread on the biological network between households as well as within them and its relationship with information sharing on the social network of households (parents in that case) via "Information Cascades." I mainly focus on the Erdos-Renyi network model. In particular, I use two different but overlapping Erdos-Renyi networks for the biological and social networks in the model. I am using agent-based stochastic simulations implemented in MatLab to study the modeling results.


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