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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Business Administration

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Dr. Chiquan Guo

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Dr. Michael Minor

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Dr. Murad Moqbel


Researchers in marketing and technology realized the importance of paying more attention to how and when new technologies or innovations are adopted during crisis, and which factors impact individuals’ successful adoption. Navigating through the different stages of the present COVID-19 crisis, it has become clear that such research focus would be beneficial so that firms can shape customers' decision making process in a way that ensure successful escape of a crisis and its Destructive results on a business or organization; COVID-19 will undoubtedly not be the last global crisis we face. First, a firm understanding of the factors affecting the success or failure of innovation or technology adoption will make for their more rapid, less complicated, and thus overall better adoption; and second, understanding the moderating or exacerbating effects of an external crisis will help mitigate those complications – especially when introducing technological workarounds to deal with the crisis. This study specifically analyzes some of the complexities involved with promoting new and existing products and services, including VCS like Zoom during a crisis. Such investigation will bring some useful and necessary understanding of how to continue business in the COVID-19 quarantined environment.

This dissertation will empirically explore the relationship between the independent variables of relative advantage, compatibility, observability, trialability, health concern of oneself, health concern of family members, job security concern, and loneliness/isolation; and the independent variable, technology adoption. It then analyzes the effects of technology adoption on turnover intention, job performance, and job satisfaction. This study will also examine and analyze the impact of the perceived seriousness of COVID-19 as a moderator between these the relationships.

This study is particularly relevant to business fields. It will explore the use of virtual conference software in the workplace during COVID-19, while providing recommendations to improve future crisis response, especially if the steps taken are technologically based. It will also identify factors helping organizations to effectively train and educate marketers to better deal with the dynamicity of the marketplace. Additionally, this dissertation findings could be useful for researchers, business organizations, and practitioners in determining the factors that most strongly affect technology adoption – or innovation in general – both during crises and in normal times. It will also help identify the factors that affect the adoption process the most and articulate how a crisis would affect this process in overall.


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