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Master of Science (MS)


Criminal Justice

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Dr. Rachel Rayburn

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Dr. Ben Brown

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Dr. Yudu Li


In recent years, Blue Lives Matter, a pro-policing movement, was established across the United States. The movement sheds light on the attacks and killings of police officers while on the line of duty. Also, it raises awareness of the dangers and risks law enforcement agents face while on duty and off duty. Throughout the years, the movement has gained many supporters across the nation. However, it has been controversial, and many considered it as a countermovement to Black Lives Matter. To bridge the gap in the literature, the researcher investigated the perception of Texans towards the movement. Moreover, the research looked at the public's view and how various independent and control variables influences them. The study utilized a mixed-method, quantitative (n = 664), and qualitative (n = 15), following a two-phase model analyzing and understanding public perceptions towards the Blue Lives Matter movement.


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