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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Christopher Carmona

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Dr. Jose Rodriguez

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Dr. David Bowles


Fragments will be a series of short stories based on events that have occurred in my life and how they impacted me and my family. They will tell the stories passed down to me, beginning with my grandparents, their lives in Mexico, and their journey to the United States. It will go on to tell stories of my parents’ struggles with raising kids in a society that tries to suppress our Mexican culture, how other family members have struggled with their own families and identities, and how my life has been influenced by these stories.

Significance and Scope of Fragments The series of short stories are based on stories passed down to me from my family and are focused on mental health, immigration, and how I’ve struggled to keep my family happy while wanting to break away from certain expectations they have of me. Although my stories are based on actual events, I want to tell them from different points of view from characters based on myself and my family members. My idea for Fragments will center around the main character who grows up wanting to be the perfect Mexican daughter. She convinces herself she wants to get married, have children, and continue living in the city her parents and grandparents have lived in for the past fifty years since immigrating. She eventually learns that some of the stories and experiences she’s been through are abnormal, becomes disillusioned with the life she’s been living, and wants to move away from her hometown where she can be true to herself and pursue what she truly wants. Different stories will tell the different ways her family has impacted her, both positively and negatively, and the steps she tries to take in order to become independent while still trying to hold on to her Mexican identity.


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